We have served as neutral and party-appointed arbitrators and mediators on matters involving valuation economics with claims from the low-millions to in excess of $100-million.  No, we're not lawyers, but we are well versed in legalities, practice, theory, strategy, and techniques of dispute resolution, negotiation, and cross examination.  We are also graduates of the American Bar Association's Arbitration Training Institute and the ABA's Negotiation Institute.  We have served on arbitration panels consisting of all types of professions, from appraisers to judges.  Of course, in these processes we place a heavy emphasis on efficiency, procedure, and fairness to all parties.

Why would one select a non-lawyer as an arbitrator or mediator? In addition to experience and savvy in the ADR process, we bring valuation economics experience and perspectives to our role and can scrutinize claims and issues with much greater intensity than could otherwise be accomplished.  We are hardly slouches when it comes to questions of law, but through the eyes of our valuation-economics perspective we can tame the noise that is so often generated in arbitration proceedings, replacing it with clarity.  Legal arguments must be heard and considered in any ADR proceeding, but by having an arbitrator or mediator who is a valuation economist, and who also has the experience and training to work with and fully understand the lawyers, witnesses, evidence, and parties involved, the factual components of the proceeding can be streamlined and brought into focus.  Since most arbitrations involving economic valuation issues come down to a battle of the expert witnesses, having an arbitrator who is a professional peer of those experts often is a game changer.  Our involvement has positive consequences for costs of the proceedings and values in their outcomes.